Accepted into Medical School?

Once you're done celebrating your medical school acceptance, here's what to do next!  
What to Do Once Youve Been Accepted Into Medical School


What's In the Guidebook?

In this guide, we'll provide you with expert information on everything you'll need to know once you get accepted into med school. We'll tell you how to commit to a med school and what to do once you get there. Getting into med school was a lot of work, but that's not where it ends! To ensure you're on the right track, we've included insider info on everything from AAMC traffic rules to TMDSAS match. 

You'll also  get insightful advice from
former MedSchoolCoach clients who are current medical students, as well as from our advisors.
Get ready, and good luck as you prepare for the next steps in your journey towards becoming a

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Sahil Mehta MD
Founder, MedSchoolCoach

Dr. Mehta is nationally recognized as the premier expert on medical school admissions. As the founder of MedSchoolCoach, he has helped thousands of students get into medical school.