The Complete Guide to Medical School Virtual Assessments

Applying to medical school? Master the secrets of virtual assessments like Casper, Duet, Snapshot, Kira, and PREview, and let them be your key to acceptance.
MedSchoolCoach Virtual Assessment Guidebook


What's In the Guidebook?

Everything you need to know about how to ace your virtual assessments and gain the real-life interviews you deserve.
Learn how to improve your virtual assessment performance and answer video questions optimally.
Understand how to navigate ethical dilemmas and and make moral decisions like a physician.
Boost your odds of landing a real-life interview after mastering these situational judgement tests.

About the Author


Renee Marinelli, MD
Director of Admissions Advising, MedSchoolCoach

Dr. Marinelli boasts a formidable background in medical school admissions. Accepted into multiple medical schools, she chose the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, serving on both their admissions committee and her family medicine residency’s admissions committee in Hawaii. As MedSchoolCoach Director of Advising, Dr. Marinelli oversees an elite team of physician advisors, distinguishing her as an exceptional admissions expert.