Guide to the Medical School Interview

Learn how the interview is used by medical school admission committees so you can optimize your chance to shine.
Guide to the Medical School Interview

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What's In the Guidebook?

No matter how impressive your medical school application and personal statement are, applicants are still just a name and information on paper. The interview gives med schools the opportunity to meet the real, flesh-and-blood you. It is one of the last hurdles between you and your entrance to medical school and should be taken seriously.

In this guidebook, learn how is the interview used by medical school admission committees, and how you can help get a medical school to know you better and give you a chance to shine.

Sharpen and grow your skills en route to becoming a physician.
Skyrocket your odds of getting into medical school by acing your interview and impressing the admissions committee.
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Sahil Mehta MD

Sahil Mehta MD
Founder, MedSchoolCoach

Dr. Mehta is nationally recognized as the premier expert on medical school admissions. As the founder of MedSchoolCoach, he has helped thousands of students get into medical school.