Five Must-Have Activities for Admission to Medical School

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Five Must-Have Activities for Admission to Medical School

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To be a competitive medical school applicant, you must show admission committees that you are well-rounded, dedicated to serving others, and able to handle multiple commitments at once. The best way to do that is participating in multiple extra-curricular activities and experiences.

In this guidebook, we will discuss the most common and essential activities required to make you a successful medical school applicant.

Learn to optimize participation in community service, clinical work, research, leadership, and physician shadowing.
Skyrocket your odds of getting into medical school.
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Renee Marinelli MD
Director of Advisors, MedSchoolCoach

Dr. Marinelli is the Director of Advisors at MedSchoolCoach and has served on the University of California, Irvine Admissions Committee. Today, she oversees the advising of all applicants, while continuing to advise herself.